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Be welcomed to the sea's king home...

You've just reached El Rey Tiburón, the TAFL approved fanlisting for Hoshigaki Kisame, one of the strongest members of the criminal organization Akatsuki from Naruto manga and anime series.

If you happen to be a fan of the shark-nin, I hope you consider joining this fanlisting and, if you own a website, showing your love by using one of out codes to link back here.

If you would like to know more about what a fanlisting is all about, then you might want to head over here and find out.

Just in case you've been wondering about that, you can find the navigation links to move through this site at the top of the page.

Now everything's been said, please, feel free to take a look around and enjoy your stay~!

Most Recent Update

I finally made it!!! The Hoshigaki Kisame fanlisting is now open!!! :3

I was approved for this almost a month ago, but I've been a bit busy with other matters and also didn't have a clear idea of what I wanted. In the end, since the deadline was coming closer, I decided I needed to work on this. I still didn't know how I wanted the layout to be, so I began searching for any image that may work.

In the end I found one that I liked, and began doing this until it became what you see. I hated how it was turning out at first, but once edited enough and coded it looks soooooo much better!!!

I hope my visitors happens to love the outcome too!!! <3 Enjoy your visit~!!! <3

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 28th July 2009