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... even inside a nightmare, there will always be an angel to light your way.

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Welcome to 'made in HEAVEN'

You've just reached Made in Heaven, the TPFL approved physical fanlisting for one of the best and most beautiful female characters ever created: Claire Redfield from Resident Evil.

If you happen to agree with me with the whole 'Claire is absolutely gorgeous!! <3'-thing, then I hope you consider joining this fanlisting and, if you own a website, showing your love by using one of our codes to link back here.

If you would like to know more about what a physical fanlisting is all about, then you might want to head over here and find out.

Now, please, feel free to take a look around as much as you want and enjoy your stay~! <3


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Newest Member : Tsukki

Approved : 22nd September 2009
Opened : 14th November 2009
Last updated : 25th September 2012

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Site Owner : Natsuko Kuroigawa

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Recent Site Updates

19th November 2012

A whole bunch of affiliates added!

Thanks to Rain for all of the affiliations~!! <333 A lot of awesome RE fanlistings in her list, so make sure to check them out when you leave. ;)

14th November 2009

It took me a really long while to get myself to do this. I've wanted to have this up for ages, but I have been busy with university and all, so I just kept leaving it for later.

I have still a couple of days to reach the deadline, but I still wanted to do this as soon as possible. And finally, the layout is now complete, along with a couple of codes for the gallery.

For the layout itself, I wanted to try something different with the header this time. I've never made a vector from an image before, which explains why the whole thing looks so creepy... XD I'm so sorry about that!!

As I said, the header looks terrible, but I'm kind of happy with the stylesheet. It's simple, but still looks nice enough to me. :3

I'll try to fix the header image as soon as I can, but in the meanwhile you may think of this as a temporary layout if you'd like. :D More codes and images for the network links should be coming shortly as well... ;) Enjoy~!! <3