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Fire Cross ~ Seifer Almasy (Physical)

 ~ Claire Redfield (Physical)

Welcome to my dream, stranger...

Welcome to Endless Dream, known to be Natsuko Kuroigawa's fanlisting collective.

Here you'll find all the fanlistings I've joined so far and, of course, the ones I currently own or I'm in the process of building.

Every single fanlisting which is listed in this collective, unless otherwise stated, has been approved by either TFL, TAFL and / or TPFL.

Just in case you're having trouble guessing what a fanlisting is all about, you may want to take a look at this section to clear things up before proceding further in these lands.

This site is best viewed with Mozilla Firefox or Opera and works fine for any screen resolution 800x600 or higher. This applies to all of the different skins available on this site.

And now that everything's been said, please, feel free to move around as much as you wish, and check any fanlisting you might be interested in. Enjoy your visit and have a nice day~! <3

Collective Statistics

Current Owned Fanlistings : 20
Upcoming Owned Fanlistings : 0
Pending for Approval Fanlistings : 0

# of Members Listed : 604 approved + 73 pending

Total Joined Fanlistings : 631 (including 32 pending)

Newest Joined Fanlisting : Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World - Richter Abend
Newest Owned Fanlisting : Claire Redfield (Physical)

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Most Recent Site Update

Natsuko Kuroigawa, 21st June 2010

... Wow! No updates since October 2009. It's really being a while, hasn't it? XD

Nothing new to report, but the fact that the site was down for a few days. It seems there was something wrong connecting to the database, but now it's working again. =)

I don't think I'll bring any real updates anytime soon, 'cause exams are on the way. Then again, once I'm done with them I'd like to work on a new layout for my main site. I still like the current one in there, though. However, adding a new skin once in a while will hurt no one, so I might go for it if I find the time to do it. =)

As for plans on new fanlistings, there's really none for now. Only thing I've considered is to revamp some of my current ones, but I'm not in a hurry to have that done, so it's most likely not to happen for a while. XP

( More Updates? )

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