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~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 21st June 2010

... Wow! No updates since October 2009. It's really being a while, hasn't it? XD

Nothing new to report, but the fact that the site was down for a few days. It seems there was something wrong connecting to the database, but now it's working again. =)

I don't think I'll bring any real updates anytime soon, 'cause exams are on the way. Then again, once I'm done with them I'd like to work on a new layout for my main site. I still like the current one in there, though. However, adding a new skin once in a while will hurt no one, so I might go for it if I find the time to do it. =)

As for plans on new fanlistings, there's really none for now. Only thing I've considered is to revamp some of my current ones, but I'm not in a hurry to have that done, so it's most likely not to happen for a while. XP

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 10th October 2009

OMG! No updates reported since August!! I'm getting lazy, ain't I?? xDDD

Two new fanlistings have been opened since my last report, and there's still another one on upcoming.

The first new fanlisting is the fanlisting for Soulcalibur IV. It has been online for a while, but I haven't reported it yet, so here it is... XD

The second addition to my current beloved is the fanlisting for one of my favourite game series ever: Fatal Frame!!! I loved these series ever since I played the first one for the PS2, and the other two gave even more hours of enjoyment. This is my personal favourite series in the genre. I only wish I could play the 4th one!! Man, I bought the Wii mainly for it!! Some fans are working on a patch so we can play it everywhere, so I haven't lose my hope yet!! Sooner or later, I'll play it and enjoy it as much as the other titles in the series!!

This fanlisting, besides from been a top wishlister, is my first adoption since I got into fanlistings. I knew you could adopt fanlistings from other people, but didn't try to until now. The experience was really nice, and been approved for this subject really made me happy. Thank you so much for entrusting this fanlisting to me, Stilla-sama~!!! <3

Now, let's finish this report by revealing the identity of the fanlisting yet listed as upcoming. It's the physical fanlisting for Claire Redfield!!! Such a beautiful girl really deserves one, and I'm so proud to be the one to own her!! I'm a bit busy with university these days, but I'll spend some time next weekend working on this one, so it can be ready for you to visit it soon! :D

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 16th August 2009

It has been over a month since my last report. Sorry about that! :P

Many things has happened since then, but let's only focus on the latest updates.

To begin with, I'll say that two new fanlistings are now open. The first one is the fanlisting for Hoshigaki Kisame, which has been online for a while now. I didn't report before because I was being a little bit much lazy... XD

Today I spent a lot of hours working on one of my most recent approvals, the Fujibayashi Sheena and Zelos Wilder fanlisting!!

Along with this approval, I also got one for the Soulcalibur IV fanlisting. I couldn't believe my eyes when, on my birthday, I checked my mail to see both of these amazing approvals. I've received both the day before, but didn't see them until the next day, so they were like some presents to me!

Thank you so much to the category staffers for those wonderful approvals!!! *o* SC4 has been one of my wishlisters for a long while, so it means a lot for me to be able to run that fanlisting!! And of course Sheena and Zelos also made me happy, they're one of the reasons why I love Tales of Symphonia so much and I really think they deserved a fanlisting!! <3

About the SC4 fanlisting, I have to say the deadline is just around the corner. I'll need to get it done for tomorrow without any delay. I hope with the rushes and all, I still manage to do some nearly decent layout!! XD

I didn't want to leave this for so late, but I went on holidays past week, and I didn't have my computer there. So that's why I didn't have time to work on the layout for any of my upcoming for a while, and I ended up like this... XD

Whatever, I'll survive! :P Changing of topic, when I came back home from holidays, I saw 15 new members had joined my fanlistings on that week. But now that I was going to add them, I saw that only 3 or 4 were really new members. The other applicants were annoying spammers, so I'm removing them off now... >_< Geezz!!

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 8th July 2009

Finally the Seifer Almasy physical fanlisting is here!!!

It really took me a while to do it, right? ;P Truth is I had some troubles with the layout. I had to try 3 different ones until I finally got to something I actually liked. And in the end, the final layout really made my day. It ended up way better than I expected, so I hope you guys enjoy it too~! <3

And now time for speaking about updates at my pending and upcoming fanlistings!

To begin with, I was approved to run the Hoshigaki Kisame fanlisting!!! *fangirl screams* Waaah!! I still can't believe it... Thank you, staffers, thank you very much!! I'll be sure to give our beloved shark a nice good home!!! *o*

I haven't received answer for my other applications yet, so they keep being listed at pending. But they're not alone, since I applied for a new one a couple of days ago. It's another physical fanlisting, this time for Claire Redfield from Resident Evil.

I've always admired her since I played RE2 for the first time, she has to be my favourite female in the whole series! I was surprised when I found no physical fanlisting had been made for her yet, and I felt like I should go and change that! Claire's beauty really deserves a fanlisting, as she's one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen in a game! ;)

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 24th June 2009

Sorry, no new fanlistings yet!! I expect to have the promised Seifer physical sometime along this week. ;) I'll most likely begin working on it today, and luckily enough it will be up by the end of the day but, if it isn't, then it will be for sure available tomorrow!! ^^

Now I'd like to report my newest applications. Today I was browsing through the approved fanlistings in the games category at TFL and found out that the Soulcalibur IV fanlisting was no longer listed there. It's weird, since I've been checking the updates blog ever since I saw it on troubles, and never found anything about it being removed from troubles or opened for application.

So I supposed the last thing was a mistake, and that the fanlisting actually got open for application, and that's why it was removed from the network. And naturally I just couldn't resist for this game that has been on my wishlist for a long while and applied for it, so it's now listed under my pending for approval list.

But aside from this one, there's another new fanlisting on pending, and it's the fanlisting for the relationship between Sheena Fujibayashi and Zelos Wilder from the beautiful game that is Tales of Symphonia.

They're my favourite playable characters from the game, along with Kratos, and their relationship is, without a doubt, my favourite in the whole game. Aren't they cute~? <3

I still can't believe such a wonderful pair was open for application, and that I have any choice of owning their new home just made my day!! ^^

Now I shall wait patiently for an answer, and we'll see if these 2 applications end up in approvals or rejections. Hopefully they'll turn into approvals, but I better not put my expectations too high: after all, such an amazing couple of subjects are most likely wanted by other applicants, so it's not going to be that easy to get them! XD

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 22nd June 2009

Today's update can be noticed inmediatly by just entering this site. Yeah! Another new layout~!!! <3

I've been working on this new design for the last 3 days, and finally today I can consider it complete. I didn't have any idea to work with when I began doing this, and maybe that was the reason behind it taking such a long while, because I had to try a lot of things until I managed to achieve a result I actually liked.

Finding the proper place to put the navigation links and add the link exchange / random / newest banners was one of the hardest things to do, and indeed I didn't find the right spot until I was in the middle of coding this damned thing... XD

The image I chose for this layout is one of the many beatiful artwork by Tukiji Nao. I really, really love her art, and I have been wanting to make a layout with some of it for a while. However, since her art is always so detailed, I assumed it would be really hard to work with it.
This time I decided to dare and try, and god knows I wasn't mistaken at all... XD Finishing this was not easy work at all, but in the end I think it was worth it. Besides, I learned a couple of new things while doing this, and surely I had a lot of fun, mainly while coding it. ;)

Now that it's finished, I have to say that the new layout is having some problems displaying under Internet Explorer, and I still can't figure out how to fix it. I'll try to do it eventually, though... ;)
But in the meanwhile, I'd suggest visiting this site with either Mozilla Firefox or Opera. The layout has been tested on both, and so far it's working perfectly fine, so enjoy~!! :3

More things, more~!!! <3 The previous layout had been online for not much more than a couple of months, so I didn't want to remove it so quickly. So, as I promised, along with the new layout, I installed Site Skin on Endless Dream. The old layout can be chosen and used again from here.
I highly suggest doing so if you're using Internet Explorer because, as stated previously, this new layout isn't displaying 100% correctly under said explorer. Sorry about the inconvenience!! ;P

Ah, and another thing!! Since Tales of Vesperia european release is really close now (I preordered it already, I can't wait to get it~!! <3), I've been thinking on a ToV related skin too. I can't tell when it will become available, though... ^^'
I would like to focus on my Seifer physical fanlisting first, it's about time I get it done! :P


Along with the new layout, I made a new set of codes for the 'Link Me' section. I hope you like them~! <3

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 19th June 2009

No new fanlistings yet, sorry about that! ;P Exams have been pretty annoying, and I didn't get time to think or work on my upcoming fanlisting: the Seifer physical fanlisting.

Now that I'm finally done with exams for a while, I promise I'll work on it soon. I expect to have it up this weekend, so keep checking if you're interested! ;)

But of course I didn't post an update just to say that... ^^' First thing I'd like to report is a little update in this site. I made new images for linking back to TFL, TAFL and TPFL networks in the main page of this site, and they're now up for you to enjoy~! ;)

Besides this little detail, no more real changes has been made to this site since my last report. ^^' However, now that I'll have more free time, I'd like to make a few important updates here.

First of all I'd like to make a new layout. I'm aware the current layout has been up for not that long, so I thought this might be a good time to make this site skinnable, so I can keep the current layout along with the new one.

I still don't know how the new layout is gonna be, but I'd like to begin working on something as soon as I'm done with the Seifer PFL. ^^

Aside from one or two new layouts for this place I love so dearly, I'd like to finish revamping my wishlist, that has been unavailable for a while. I'd like to get the KIM list and the about section up as well. ^^

And at last, I'd like to change all the banners I used to link back to my lovely affiliates for some of a smaller size, something like 75x50 instead of the current 100x50.
The reason for this is that Endless Dream has reached over 40 affiliates (Wiii! Thank you so much, everyone~!! <3 I'm really honored to have all of you as affiliates!! *hugs everyone*), and therefore the 100x50 banners ended up being too big, they take so much space. ^^' So that's why I decided that it will be a nice idea to change the banner size.

All of these things will be done along with the new site layout. Expect some of these mayor changes for July!! ;)

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 16th June 2009

Not much of an update today, but still... ;P

First of all, I'd like to apologyse for the delay in the Seifer physical fanlisting. I plan on working on said fanlisting as soon as I'm done with exams, so hopefully it will be up for next weekend.

I have yet one more exam to go, and I need to study for this one just a little longer... If I'm lucky, my exam on thursday will be the last for a long while. :3

Now let's get back on topic. A couple of days ago I applied for another fanlisting. This time, it's the fanlisting for Hoshigaki Kisame from Naruto.
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw he didn't had a fanlisting yet. Being a huge fan of the whole Akatsuki cast, Kisame is one of my personal favourites next to Itachi, and I just couldn't keep resisting and decided finally to apply for him. <3

And speaking of our little favourite shark, I hope we can get to see him more in the upcoming manga chapters anytime soon!! ;) I think he really deserves more time in the spotlight: he's awesome, and he surely is strong enough as to offer a really interesting battle that could last for a good amount of chapters! :D

And back once again to today updates, I decided to remove 2 of the link exchange banners that were being displayed in the navigation column until now: One and Only and Wish You Were Here.

That's because I haven't received any confirmation of me being added to the member list, and after having checked both sites regularly as to find out if there was any update or something, I concluded they were no longer working, that they're most likely not to be updated anymore. So, since it's really pointless to keep those links up given the current situation, I just decided to took them off. Sorry about that! ;P

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 2nd June 2009

Late report, but better late than never, isn't it? xD

Another one of my upcoming is already online. This time it's the fanlisting for Sonic Adventure 2, my favourite game in the Sonic series.

I got the approval recently, and even though I planned on doing the layout for my Seifer physical fanlisting first (mainly because it's been on upcoming for a longer while), I just got inspiration for doing this one and, naturally, couldn't ignore it. :P The fact that I'm replaying the game maybe had some influence over this, I guess... ;)

I confess I wasn't very happy with how the layout was turning out at first, but once coded it began looking far better, until it got to a point where I ended up feeling really proud of the outcome. :3

As always, you're more than welcome to join the fanlisting if you're a fan. Enjoy~! <3

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 26th May 2009

It sure took me a long while to do it, but finally yesterday I spent the whole day working in my Itachi and Kisame fanlisting.

At first I planned on doing some quick temporary layout, but as I began working on the design, I just couldn't leave it at that, and I was awake until late, adding details and trying to achieve a satisfying result.

And truth is, indeed, the final outcome made my day. <3 I'm really proud of how it turned out, and so I hope every KisaIta fan out there enjoys it at least as much as I do. ;)

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 15th May 2009

Today I was browsing through TFL when I found out that there wasn't any fanlisting for Sonic Adventure 2.

Sonic Adventure 2 is, for me, the best Sonic in the series. I had so much fun with that game in the past, and I'd certainly enjoy to replay it soon. However, since my Dreamcast is no longer in the realm of living beings, I'm considering buying it for the Game Cube instead. Bad thing I'd lose the A Ranks I got so far and all, but still... The game is truly good, and I certainly wouldn't mind purchasing it twice if necessary. ;)

When I saw such a great game didn't have a fanlisting, naturally I couldn't resist to apply for it inmediatly! XD

Aside from an update in the pending for approval list, I also have added some new codes to the gallery. I did this a couple of days ago, but hadn't post about it yet... ^^'

The gallery has grown with 12 new creations, with the new codes being listed at the following sizes: 50 x 50 (2), 88 x 31 (5), 75 x 50 (2), 100 x 35 (1) and 100 x 50 (2).

And these were all the updates for today. :D I have been thinking a little about the layout for my upcoming fanlisting for Itachi and Kisame, and I already have a slight idea on how I want it to be. The main problem now is finding the appropiate images. There's no much KisaIta around, so most likely the layout will end up being something different to my initial idea.

Whichever is the case, I hope I can work on it along this weekend. ;)

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 7th May 2009

Not much of an update, but I applied for a new fanlisting at TFL a couple of minutes ago.

It is the Knuckles the Echidna from Sonic the Hedgehog. I saw it recently got open for application, so I thought I might apply. Knuckles is one of my favourite characters in the Sonic series, so why not apply for his fanlisting and get him a new home filled with much love? <3

Since there's no fanlisting for Knuckles listead at TAFL either, I applied for him there as well. ^^

I also saw the Skies of Arcadia fanlisting is open for application as well. I played that game a while ago (but cannot play it anymore since my Dreamcast died... ToT) and I personally loved it. So I'm now debating whether I should apply for it too or not.

About the Soul Calibur IV fanlisting, I haven't seen any confirmation on it being removed from troubles, neither for it being opened for application or because the problems with it got resolved. So I shall keep taking a close look at the games category updates for a while longer... ^^'

Still speaking of applications, today I applied for a fanlisting at TPL for the first time. I've been wanting to open a physical fanlisting for a while, but haven't applied for anyone until now... ^^

The one I applied for is the amazing Seifer Almasy from Final Fantasy VIII. Isn't he gorgeous~? <3 I just love everything about him, and his looks certainly do deserve a fanlisting!! <3

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 2nd May 2009

Hi there! :3

Today I received 2 approvals from TAFL. With that I have no more applications on pending.

First of these approvals is for the Uchiha Itachi and Hoshigaki Kisame (Naruto) fanlisting. The second is for the Alicia & Rufus. I already owned this one at TFL, so I thought I could apply for it at TAFL too in order to get it crosslisted. ^^ It looks like I suceed, so I already sent the finished form! ^^

Now it's time for me to begin thinking about the layout of my new upcoming fanlisting, so I can have it done soon as well! ^o^ I love KisaIta, so I'll do my best... ^.~

Thanks a bunch for the approvals~!! <3

Also I received an answer to my application to run the Resident Evil 5 fanlisting at TFL. I got rejected... ^^' Well, I kind of expected it... I supposed there would be many applicants for that subject, so being approved for it was no easy thing at all. At any rate, whoever got it, congratulations for the approval!! <3 You'd see me join it as soon as it's up. ;)

Feel free to check the application history anytime to see a summary of what I've said so far.

Now, there's another fanlisting I'd like to apply for: the Soul Calibur IV fanlisting! <3 The SC series is my favourite fighting series ever, and SC4 is just awesome! So, I saw the fanlisting was listed in troubles (and I couldn't join the fanlisting before I realized that because everytime my computer will say there was a virus on it everytime... XD), so if it does become available anytime soon, you can count of me applying for it like... inmediatly!!!! XD

Well, back on topic, to real updates... I want to revamp completely my wishlist section, so if you visit it now, you'll see there's nothing on it anymore. Sorry about that! It will be up again soon, though... ;)

Also it's possible that I add a new round of codes to my fanlistings today. Let's see how many I get to do! :P

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 25th April 2009

I've been willing to do a new layout for my Maaka Anju fanlisting for a while, but for a reason or another, I never got myself to do it until now...

I spent a couple of hours designing a new layout for it, and finally the new design is now up and working. ^^

The layout itself is kind of simple, but I still think it's far better than the previous one, so it made me happy. :P I hope you like the new layout too! :D

I made a new 100x35 code for this site to use in said new layout, so I updated the gallery by adding it. ^^

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 23rd April 2009

After a few days without any update, today I got a couple of things. ^^

First of all, I've added 6 new 100x35 codes to the 'Link Me' section. There was only one of that size so far, and it was truly old, indeed. So then I made these new ones. Hope you like them! ;)

I also applied for a new fanlisting at, which is now listed as one of my pending fanlistings.

It happens to be the fanlisting for the relationship between Uchiha Itachi and Hoshigaki Kisame, from Naruto. I've become kind obsessed with these 2 lately and I found out there wasn't any fanlisting for them yet, so I though... Why not apply for it? And after thinking in over for a while, that's what I did. ^^

Another minor update is that I've just added to the navigation column, aside from the random joined and owned fanlistings thing I added a couple of days ago, a new space featuring my most recent joined and owned fanlistings.

And to get done with today updates, I'd like to tell you about the add-new-codes project. ;P As promised, I already began working in new codes for some of my fanlistings, and what I've done so far is already up.

I still feel that most of my fanlistings lack some more new codes, so let's see if I can bring a big amount of them during the weekend.

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 19th April 2009

Today I've spent the whole day working in the last fanlisting I had listed under the upcoming category: this time is the Alicia & Rufus fanlisting. I truly love these 2, and I couldn't be more proud to be the owner of a fanlisting for them... Thanks a lot for the approval again, staffers~! <3

The main design took a while to do, but in the end I think it was absolutely worth it. All the sections are already online as well, and I've submitted the finished form at

Now there's a couple of things I'd like to change in order to improve this new fanlisting and my Jazz one, adding or editting a few things in the layout. However, most likely I won't be able to do it until next weekend.

Also I'd like working on new codes for all of my fanlistings for the next update, at least for my most recent ones, which have really few codes so far. This hopefully will be possible by next weekend as well... ;)

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 16th April 2009

I'm finally done with another one of my upcoming fanlistings! :3 This time it's the Jazz (Eternal Sonata) fanlisting. The overall design is much like the one for my Viola FL, since I wanted both sites to be like sisters, somehow... ^^'

The layout still needs a couple of fixes, but since they're minor issues I'll focus on finishing the last fanlisting I have under the upcoming category for now... But the fixed will arrive eventually, it's a promise! ;)

As for more updates on the site, new affies has been added since my last report. Thank you so much for the affiliations, everyone~! <3

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 13rd April 2009

Today I've been messing around the current owned section. With the new layout and all, the template for that section still remained unchanged, and it didn't fit that well the new design.

So now I've revamped it completely, removing a lot of information that wasn't even necessary and using 75x50 codes instead of 200x40.

With that done, now I can finally add a random-owned-fl-thing somewhere in the navigation column. =D I'll proceed to do that right now. ;)

About the few upcoming fanlistings I still have left, I'll try my best to finish them soon enough. By now, however, I haven't even begin with them! I know moreless how I'm doing both of the layouts, so I guess with that I'll be able to do them in a couple of days. ;)

This weekend I have been a bit busy updating another one of my websites, Lonely Princess' Diary, my main site and collective. The update consisted on a new layout and, honestly, I think it is my best layout so far. I'd be so grateful if you dropped by anytime and tell me what you think! ^o^

But back on topic... ;P Updates for today also include the fact that I'm currently affie hunting again, this time in boards. Right now I'd like getting some friends not only for this site, but also for my little babies. :D Let's see how it goes~! <3

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 9th April 2009

After a whole bunch of hours, I'm finally done with one of my upcoming fanlistings. ;) It's the Viola (Eternal Sonata) FL! ^^

I'll be removing it from the upcoming fanlisting section and will list it into my current owned instead in a couple of minutes. ;)

I hope you like how the layout turned out~!! <3

Also, as I did a code for this site to use it onto the new fanlisting, I've just added it to the current code gallery for you to enjoy... ;)

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 25th March 2009

I've just cheched my mail and found a nice surprise. 3 of my current applications were approved, so now there's only one still pending. Thank you, TFL staffers!!! *o* I love you!! <3

Right now all of these approved fanlistings shall be listed as upcoming until I'm done with the layout for them.
The application history and pending list are about to updated as well to contain the new information.

Not everything is settled just yet, though... There was a last fanlisting I applied for, but still haven't received an answer to that one. It's the application for the Resident Evil 5.
Out of these four, I guess this one was on the top of my wishlist (man, the game is just awesome... <3 The main game is kind of short, but awesome, nonetheless... ^^ I love RE series! <3 And Wesker too... jajaj).

I'd certainly love getting to own this fanlisting , but... Most likely there are many others that will be willing to own it as well, so this is gonna be a though battle... XD

Anyway, let's just pray for the best, and in the meanwhile I still have 3 more fanlistings to go... ;)

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 23rd March 2009

I added 2 more affiliates, feel free to take them a look anytime!

Thank you for affiliating with me, everyone! =D I'm truly grateful!

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 18th March 2009

It's me again!! ;)

Today I've added a couple of things to the site, so let's just say it's a bigger update than the usual ones. ;P

First of all, there's now 8 wonderful new affiliates I got from the forums at Thank you very much, everyone~! <3 I'm so happy!

As promised, I also updated the 'Link Me' section with 10 new codes, with 8 75x50 and 2 50x50, both sizes I didn't have into the gallery just yet. I hope you like them!! ;)
I might add a couple of 100x35 and 200x40 codes as well in a while, check out later if you happen to be interested in those. =D

And at last, I've added a new section which consist on a list on all the FLs I've applied for, along with the number of approval and / or rejections I've received so far. Nothing really important, but an update is still an update... ;P

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 16th March 2009

I've just updated my pending for approval fanlistings list, by adding my recent application for the Resident Evil 5 FL. I know the game itself was released a few time ago, but I couldn't help it!

I'll take the risk of being rejected for applying so quickly, because I truly loved the game and nothing will made me happier than having the chance of owning it. <3

I spent the whole weekend playing RE5, and I still had not enough... Indeed there's so much things left to do in the game even after a first whole gameplay, that I don't plan on leaving it on the shelf anytime soon. So much fun yet to be lived here! Tehehe! ;P

Okay, I better stop with the fangirl mode for a while and get back on topic. ^^ Today I visited boards in order to do some affie hunting. Yeah, I know it's a bit late but... Better late than never! ;P So, hopefully I'll find some nice affiliates for this place! ;)

Also I'm thinking on adding more codes of a few sizes I'm yet missing, so I'll most likely add them in the following days. =D

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 10th March 2009

Today I've removed one of the affiliates of the site: Eternal Night. I decided to remove it because it has not been updated since September 2206, so I highly doubt it's ever updated again.
So, right now I'm truly lacking some affies... I think I actually should go out there, see the world and try to get some! XD

As for today, I added a couple of codes featuring the new and current layout into the 'Link Me'. Check them out if you'd like to! ^^
I'd like adding a few more codes of different sizes I yet don't have, but this shall be done in upcoming updates. ;)

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 06th March 2009

Yes, finally~!! It took me forever, but here you have my ultimate creation, 4th version of Endless Dream is here~!!! <3
In the end I ended up doing something I didn't have in mind at all to begin with: I changed the image I wanted to use at the last minute, and so the layout turned out completely different from what I expected.
The final result, however, seems kind of satisfactory to me. I personally like this new layout rather than the previous one. ^^ And I apparently managed to get what I wanted: a new layout which was way wider, that gave me more space for all of my content.

The previous layout has some issues that didn't allow it to be completely cross-browser, and so it didn't show up as it should in Internet Explorer. On the other hand, this new one seems to be working fine under both IE and Mozilla Firefox. It's best viewed, however, under Mozilla Firefox at a screen resolution of 1440 x 900, which happens to be the one I currently use.
If you run under a different screen resolution, I'm well aware that there might be some issues with the disclaimer background image. But still that's just a minor detail and it shouldn't trouble you when trying to navigate the site. ^.~

Now I'm done with the new layout I'll add a few codes to match it, and will try to join a few banner exchange sites as well. ^^
By now I'll remain here for a little while fixing a few minor details in the different site pages in order to adjust them to the new design, though all of these are just minor updates and so, I won't list them all here. ^^

Anyway... I take my leave for now, and in the meanwhile, please... Enjoy the new layout and have a nice day~! <3

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 03rd March 2009

Now that I finally got my own domain, I truly felt like applying for a couple of fanlistings that has been on my wishlist for a while. <3
I've just sent applications for 2 game character fanlistings, which you can see now listed under the 'Pending for Approval Fanlistings' section.

I've been thinking on opening another anime related fanlisting, which happens to be a fanlisting for the Bleach Beat Collection, a collection of songs by many different Bleach characters' seiyuu.
I love most of these songs, so I thought it might be nice to open a fanlisting for this.

I haven't applied for it, however... I haven't done such a thing because maybe this albums are included into the Music of Bleach fanlisting, so I'm most likely to be rejected... ^^' That's why I still don't know whether it'll make much sense to create it or not, so I'm not sure if I'll work on it eventually or just leave it be... ;P

Anyway... I haven't begun with the new layout just yet, but hopefully I'll get to work to left things done by the end of the week. Enjoy~! <3

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 01st March 2009

I finally got a domain!! <3 Wiii! I'm so, sooooo happy!!! ^o^

I'd like to celebrate this somehow by bringing a new layout for both this site and my collective, Lonely Princess' Diary.

By now, though, I don't have any update. ^^ I just thought I'd let you know that you can now get to this site by using this one address...

The old url, however, it's still working, so if you had any link back to this site you're not in any need to update your links, since they should still work. ^^

I'd be grateful, however, if you could do that so the new url gets to be a little more useful. ^^

As soon as I'm done with a new layout (I'd like working on it today, so it might be up soon enough), I'll be joining some link exchange sites in order to promote a little bit my new domain, and might as well apply for a few new fanlistings and look for a couple of new affiliates. ^^

Now, now... Let's get to work~!! <3

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 04th February 2009

Yeah, it's me again~! <3 No much of an update today, either. Sorry about that! ^^'

Again it consists on a few more codes to 'Link Me' section: 2 88x31 and another 2 100x50.

I guess this site got a nice amount of codes already so for the next time I'll try focusing on new codes for all of my fanlistings. ^^

Also... Do you anyone know where can I buy a domain? I've been thinking on getting one in my current host, Awardspace, but if there's a better choice I'd be willing to listen to any other offer! ^.~

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 03rd February 2009

Another minor update. ;P A few more codes has been added into the 'Link Me' section: 2 new 88x31 are the deal this time.

I'll bring a few more of the same style for different sizes in a while, so check up soon if you're interested. ^^

Aside from this, I also added a few fanlistings to my wishlist. Since none of them appear to be taken just yet, I'd love to apply for any of these anytime.

However, before doing so I'd like to work a little on the new layout for the site, and even before that, I have to finish my exams to begin with... XD

I also need to update Enthusiast to the most recent version, and I'd like to get my own domain as well before applying for any new fanlistings. ^^

As for the new layout, I've already thought of a few details on how to make it. As said already, I'd like using this Sakura (Tsubasa Chronicles) image I used in some of the new codes I added recently. Taking off the background of that image it's gonna be a pain, but I think it'll be worthy if I can use it well.

Whatever... ;P By now these are the few news I brought you. As soon as I finish the exams I'll bring you the new layout and a couple of codes along with it. It's a promise~! ^.~

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 02nd February 2009

Today I have a minor update in the 'Link Me' section: 3 new 100x50 codes have been added to the current collection.

I actually think they're the best of the codes in the gallery so far, so I'd appreciate it if you could take a quick look at them and tell me what you think. ^.~

After finishing these codes, I began thinking on a new layout for this site (yeah, another one... xD) with the same image I used for the last of the codes.

What I expect of this new layout is a wider one which gives me more space to write on and, also, something that doesn't have bugs in other browsers (like this one, which still has some minor problems when running under Internet Explorer). And of course, if it can look better than the current layout then that would be nice! <3

Let's see if I can work on it soon enough, so I can upload it within this month. However, since I'll be on exams until next Friday, I don't expect to begin working on this until weekend bless me with the feeling of finally being free from studying issues. ;P

As for now, please, enjoy the new codes and be happy~!!!! ^.~

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 01st January 2009

Happy new year, everyone!! ^^

After a while without a single update to the collective, I have something new today. Not much of an update, but is still something... ^^

Today's update consist on a new affiliate for this site. I'm so happy!! <3 Please, take a look at it, it such a nice site with a beatiful design, you'll love it! ^.~ Thank you for the affiliation!!

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 26th November 2008

After a few days without updating at all, today I finished the last fanlisting I yet had listed under the upcoming fanlistings section: the Lene Marlin FL! ^^

The new listing has been online since yesterday, but since I still had a few stuff to finish, it remained as upcoming in the meanwhile.

Now I'm completely done with the whole layout. Hope ya' like it!! *o*

The only thing I yet have to add to the new fanlisting is the 'About Lene Marlin' section, as well as some codes. Well... Adding modes is a task I wish to fulfill with all of my fanlistings, mainly my latest ones since these happen to be the ones with less codes so far. ^^

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 10th November 2008

If yesterday the update consisted on the Rouge & Knuckles fanlisting being listed once again in the 'Pending for Approval Fanlistings' section, today what I've done is removing it from the list once again. ;P staffers got my application and approved me not long after I sent it, or so it seems, since when I got here today to check my mail I've already received their answer. ^^ Thank you very much for the approval!! *o*

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 09th November 2008

Today I spent the day working on the layout for one of my, until now, upcoming fanlistings. ^^

I'm talking about the Rouge & Knuckles (from Sonic the Hedgehog) relationship fanlisting. ^^

I have to admit I didn't really like how the layout was turning out at first, but now that it's almost complete (I want to add something else to the footer before I consider it complete) I guess it doesn't look THAT bad... ;P

Now that I'm done with this, I have to work on the layout for my other upcoming fanlisting.

When I finish that, then I shall bring more codes for all of my fanlisting and a new layout for the Anju fanlisting as promised. ^^

By now I only have another little update on this site, which consist on a new fanlisting getting listed under the 'Pending for Approval Fanlistings' section. As you'll see, it's the Rouge & Knuckles fanlisting again. However, this time it's listed as pending on As there was no FL for their relationship in the Sonic X series, I thought it would be fine for my fanlisting to list fans from both their relationship on the games and in the anime, so I applied for it. ^^ Now it's my turn to wait and see whether I get approved for it or not, but in the meanwhile I have no more updates to report... See you next time! ^^

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 04th November 2008

I'm sorry about the delay in the few layouts I promised. ^^' I've been a bit busy this week, and I'm afraid I'm not having much time next week either.

However, I'm going to work on the layout for one of my upcoming listings (the Rouge & Knuckles one), since I was given a month to finish the FL and I'd like to have it up as soon as possible.

Of course I didn't choose to write a new update entry for no reason. I did because I updated a few things. ^^ Today I received an approval from for the other fanlisting I've applied for, the Lene Marlin fanlisting (thank you very much for the approval!! *o*).

So the update basically consist on this fanlisting being removed from the 'Pending for Approval Fanlistings' section, and instead getting listed under the 'Upcoming Owned Fanlistings' section.

I have a slight idea on how to do the layouts for both of the upcoming listings, so now I just have to 1) find the appropiate images to use, and 2) get myself some time to actually work on the design.

I'll do whatever it gets to finish both layouts, hopefully, this week or the next one. Let's see if I manage to finish anything today... ^.~

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 30th October 2008

As promised, I'm working already in some new layouts for my Karin related fanlistings, since I didn't like the old ones already and I really think both of them deserve a much better look.

Yesterday I spent hours working on a new design for the Maaka Karin & Usui Kenta fanlisting, and I managed to finish and upload it on the same day. I still have a few detailes to fix (which I'll work into right now), but aside from that everything is working perfectly.

I'll bring also a few new codes to celebrate the new layout, which are most likely to be online today as well. ^.~

I don't know whether I'll be able to have more layouts done within this week or not, but I'll try to finish at least one of the two more I promised.

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 28th October 2008

Yesterday when I cheched my email I found that I've received a pair of approvals from, both of them from the Game Relationships category.

The first one was for the relationship between Jaffar & Nino. That FL is already online since it was approved long ago. However, it was removed from the network a while ago while I was on exams, so I didn't find out until it was late. I'm really grateful to the staffers for the second chance... I won't mess up this time, it's a promise! ^.~

The other is indeed a new fanlisting which, until now, was listed at the 'Pending for Approval Fanlistings' section. It's the Rouge & Knuckles, from Sonic the Hedgehog series, fanlisting. This one is now listed under 'Upcoming Owned Fanlistings' section, and shall be online as soon as I make a layout for it. ^^

I'll try also to make 2 more layouts for two of my oldest fanlistings (the Karin related ones) that are, indeed, in a real need of a new one... XD Hopefully that shall be all done within this week, let's see if I can make it on time! ^^

I have another update on this site, and is on the 'Affiliates' section. I think the last time I reported any update in that section was when I added my third one to the list. Now the update is kind of different... The fact is that I removed two of them.
The first one, Deadly Flower, because the url I had now leads to a broken link.
The other, Chii Apartment, was removed because last time I checked I didn't find a link to this site within its affiliates section.

So, in conclusion, only one affiliate remains in my list. However that site has not been updated in a long while, so I don't know whether it would be a good idea to remove it as well or not. Since it's linking back here though, I guess I shall leave it there for now.

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 23rd October 2008

I've just applied for another fanlisting at (which happens to be the Lene Marlin fanlistings, a female musician), so I updated the 'Pending for Approval Fanlistings' section by listing it. Now it's time to wait if I get the approval to run it or not, though I hope I do since I really love her songs. ^^

A new section has been added as well: my 'fanlisting wishlist', listing a few FLs I'd love to own anytime soon.

And here comes the last update of the day. A new 100x50 code has been added to the 'Link Me' section, so if you're interested in linking back here, you might like to check it out. I'll have a few more buttons soon enough... ^.~

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 16th October 2008

Wiii! I'm so happy~!! Guys at approved my application for running the Aizen Sousuke & Hinamori Momo fanlisting!!

As obsessed as I am right now with Bleach, I couldn't be happier for being the owner of a Bleach related FL~! <3

Anyway... I've been working all day on the layout for my new fanlisting, and I have to admit I'm kind of happy with how it turned out.

Plase, feel free to pay it a visit if you're a fan of the relationship between these two (and if that's the case, don't hesitate to join ^.~), or if you just want to take a quick look at the layout. n_n

As for updates within this site, there's nothing new so far. I updated the 'Pending for Approval Fanlistings' section by removing Aizen & Hinamori's FL from the list, and I've been joining a few more FLs these days, so the joined section has grown a little more... ;P

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 07th October 2008

It has been a really long while since I last updated this site. I've visited it frequently for adding new fanlistings I've joined all over this time, but until now no real updates has been made to this place.

Today I bring some new things. I hope you like the updates! ^^

The first thing I want to say if that I deleted one of my fanlistings a few days ago. I'm talking about Growing Family, a fanlisting I created for my forum. I choose to delete it because it wasn't been used: no one ever joined, so I thought it was useless to keep it up under these circunstances.

The second update, and the most important one, is that Endless Dream finally has a new layout. I really didn't like the previous one as much as I did when I put it up for the first time, and after such a long while without updates I thought it was a nice idea to give this site a new look, hopefully, better than the previous one.

After 2 days working hard on this, I finally finished the layout. The design it's not really far from being somewhat simple, but the coding was a real nightmare... XD

I really hope you like the new layout. ^^

The layout is up completely now, but I still need to fix a few sections to fit the new layout. Also, the new layout appears to have some issues under Internet Explorer, so I guess I shall try to fix these ones as well as soon as I can.

By now I've fixed the mayor troubles at the 'Current Owned FLs' section, but I still need to check the others sections on the site to see whether they are looking as they should or not.

I also need to work on a few new banners to Endless Dream that features this new layout. I need to work on some 200x40 codes for all of my fanlistings for the random links that will appear in the bottom of the page all the time.
So far I've only made one for my Jaffar & Nino fanlisting. I had to do it now since it was the only one that didn't have at least one 200x40 code within its codes gallery.
I plan on doing the same for the other listings as well, but until I do what you will see now when they show up at the bottom of the page are codes that were already on each one gallery.

Now, now... I still have another pair of news here. ;P I've applied for 2 fanlistings I'd really love owning recently, so now I'm waiting for a pair of emails telling me whether I've been approved to run them or not.
A new section has been opened regarding to this topic. It's, of course, the 'Pending for Approval Fanlistings' section, which features a little list with all the fanlistings I've applied for but still don't know whether I'll be able to run them or not.

And well... That's basically everything for now, let's call it a day... ^.~ Another update I still have pending, is the installation of the new version of Enthusiast, as well as the CodeSort script to make it easier to keep track of all of my fanlisting's codes. That will have to wait thought... XD So far I'm only concerned about finishing all the issues regarding this new layout! XD

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 30th August 2007

Endless Dream has a new affiliate!! ^^ It's Chii Apartment, Michii's FL collective. Check it out anytime!! ^o^

There hasn't been any other important update recently, and in the next few weeks there won't be probably either. I'm so sorry about that... ToT

As soon as I finish exams and have more free time, I want to make a new layout for ED and also for some of my fanlistings (both Maaka Karin & Usui Kenta and the Anju FLs really need a new one... ^^').

I also have in mind opening some new fanlistings, but I haven't applied for them yet. I'll be doing all of this soon, just wait a little for it... ^.~

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 20th August 2007

It has been a REALLY long while since my last post in this site... ^^' Wow... It seems I haven't put anything in something like 6 months or so... XD

Well... Some new FLs have been opened since last update. You can check them out all in the Owned section if you're interested. ^.~

I've also joined some fanlistings in this long while without posting a single thing here, but there haven't been any other important update but my new FLs... ^^'

Anyway... I'll try to update more frequently all of my websites from now on, as soon as I'm done with the exams for a while... ^^'

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 17th February 2007

OMG!! I got an approval! I've just received an approval to open and run the Forbidden Siren 2 fanlisting! Yay!! ^o^ I'm so happy!!

I'll work on the layout soon so I can have the whole listing up during this week. ^.~

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 24th January 2007

I've finished the new site layout! Yay!! I'm happy!! ^^'

I worked hard on it and, in the end, I guess it doesn't look that bad. I hope you all like it. ^.~

I'll be updating some sections to make them look better with the new layout.

EDIT: New 88 x 31 button in the 'Link Me' section. ^.~

EDIT 2: I updated the owned fanlistings section with a new structure and new images. ^^

EDIT 3: Minor updates in the 'Link Me' section.

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 22nd January 2007

Hi! It has been a long time since last important update in the collective. ^^' I'm so sorry about that.

Anyway... Good news! xD I'll try to do a new layout soon, since I already got tired of this one... xDD ^^' I'll do my best to make a layout much better than this one. ^^ Luckily enough the new layout will be ready for this week. ^^

Another two new things... Endless Dream has a new affiliate, Deadly Flower! Thank you so much for becoming my affiliate! I'm sooooooo happy! ^o^

The last thing I wanted to let you know if that I've already have plans for my next fanlisting... The Forbidden Siren 2 fanlisting!
I played this game recently (well... I was playing just a couple of minutes ago... xDDD) and I just loved it. I saw that there wasn't a fanlisting for it so I decided I had to own it... ^^' I've already sent an application form to so now it's time to pray for getting an approval. n_n

Uhm... I guess that was all for today... I'll go and work on the new layout now, so I can have it done as soon as possible. ^.~

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 29th November 2006

Link Me section updated with a new 100 x 35 button.

Another new thing is that the Jaffar & Nino FL is now open for you to visit it and, of course, join. ^.~ Feel free to take a look whenever yo want.

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 22nd October 2006

50 x 50 donated codes section updated.

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 17th October 2006

A couple of minutes ago I sent an application form to to run the Jaffar & Nino (Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken) fanlisting. ^^ Now it's time to wait for an answer.

I've been working on a posible layout already, but before finishing it I have to pray for getting an approval.

It's the first time I apply for a fanlisting in, but I hope not to have any problem. ^^'

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 12nd October 2006

3 new sections on the collective: 50 x 50, 88 x 31 and 200 x 40 donated codes.

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 21st September 2006

I've just received an approval from TALF to open and run the Maaka Anju fanlisting.

The layout it's almost done, but I still need to finish the content and make some codes.

I'll work on everything so I can have this new FL up soon. ^^

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 21st August 2006

Yesterday I applied for the Maaka Anju (from the manga/anime series Karin) fanlisting. I hope I get an approval. ^^

I've been working a bit on the layout... I hope it turns out good. n_n

Anyway... No more minor updates just like "More FLs added to 'Joined' section" will be added here. I'll just note down more important updates just as this one... ^^

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 1st August 2006

New collective affiliate! Yay! I'm so happy!! ^^

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 29th July 2006

More FLs added to Joined section.

I received an approval from TALF to own the Gaasaku fanlisting, and it's now 100% up and working. ^^

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 23rd July 2006

More FLs added to Joined section.

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 18th July 2006

More FLs added to Joined section.

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 17th July 2006

More FLs added to Joined section. Minor updates in the statistics display.

Wishlist section created, with a list of the fanlistings I'd like to own.

Update Archive section added.

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 16th July 2006

More FLs added to Joined section. Minor updates in Index section.

Link Me section created.

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 15th July 2006

The following sections have been done and uploaded: Joined, and Affiliates.

Collective statistics will be added, and most joined FLs have to be added to the database. I'll work on that now.

~ Natsuko Kuroigawa, 14th July 2006

Layout and avatar done.

The following sections have been done and uploaded: Index, Owned, Pending, Upcoming and What's a Fan Listing?.

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